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So you’re planning to go camp but you are also worried about budget and don’t want to break the bank.

You want to explore and enjoy but you also want todo it within a friendly budget. Well let me tell you that camping doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

I know there are a lot of things that are necessary to have before you go and lots of factors to consider before purchasing anything and especially purchasing an important item as a tent. 

You need to have a good quality and requirement suitable tent because it is the kind of item that will break or make you trip.

But you might think that tents with great feature are not cheap. 


There are several options in the market that provides you the best quality material and features in budget friendly cost.

Also there are many tents that are for larger groups having more members but then it obviously cost more. But if you have 2 or 3 people in your group then why pay for extra? 

Here I’m going to present you the best 3 person tents under 100 that includes all the best features a expensive tent has!

Yes! Best 3 person tent under 100

So if you have a group of 2 persons or 3 persons then you have come to the right place. I have searched and created a list that will help you in selecting your perfect 3 person tent under 100 that best fits your needs.

So without further ado let’s jump right into it!

Top 7 Best 3 Person Tent Under 100

Wenzel Alpine Wenzel Alpine
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • 2 mesh windows and D-style front door
  • Hanging gear pocket
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Coleman Hooligan Coleman Hooligan
  • 8- by 7-foot interior with covered vestibule
  • Pin-and-Ring System
  • Rainfly Included
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Bessport Bessport
  • Ventilation & Heat Resistance
  • Easy Setup in 5 Minutes
  • Water/ Wind/ Snow Resistant
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Weanas Professional Weanas Professional
  • High Quality Plastic Buckle
  • 2 doors and 2 vestibules
  • Water Proof, Wind Proof, SPF Proof
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NTK Cherokee GT NTK Cherokee GT
  • Easy Assembly
  • High-Quality Floor and E-port
  • Micro Mosquito Mesh
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No 1 on our list is,



  • 3-pole pentadome tent with removable fly
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Integrated mud mat with drainage strip
  • 2 mesh windows and D-style front door

This one is the best 3 person tent overall containing all the expensive features the costly tents offer but it is very budget friendly.

The most loved part of this tent is its easy setup & easy takes down. You can very easily set it up yourself or with a little help it becomes super easy and super fast.

The only thing about its material that the users complains is its fiber glass poles which are pretty delicate than the aluminum ones and they faced some difficulty in getting them through the tiny fittings.

It claims to accommodate 3 persons but it is well suited for 2 adults only. Because it is a dome style tents and as a matter of fact dome style tents offer less than they claim. 

Also you should keep in mind that you should always select a tent that can accommodate one extra person than the number of people in your group.

It provides adequate room for sitting in or kneeling but with a center of height of about 48” it’s difficult for you to stand inside the tent.

It’s a dome style tent and they are really strong if we talk about their weather resistance. This tent can stand strong winds if staked down properly.

The manufacturers claims it to be waterproof but there are some reports that says this tent is a disappointment in that particular department as some campers complained about the seams leaking through a harsh rainstorm.  But at the same time many reported that this tent kept them dry in wet weather.

This is not a tent for cold weather conditions. The fabric of this tent is very light and is not supposed to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. Some campers used blankets or extra clothing while camping in 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid bugs the openings have fine mesh to keep you safe from them but make sure to seal the door immediately as you in and out of the tent.

Condensation can be a problem because the windows are made of mesh but are small.

  • easy setup
  • waterproof
  • it can withstand strong winds
  • roomy for 2 people only
  • can’t accommodate 3 people as it claims
  • condensation can be a problem
  • not enough center of height
Coleman Hooligan - best budget tent for 3 person

Coleman Hooligan – best budget tent for 3 person

  • Vestibule, Pin-and-Ring System
  • Storage Pockets and Rainfly Included
  • Wind-Strong Frame, Wind-Strong Frame
  • Fast 10-minute setup

This is a very high performance tent from Coleman jam-packed with useful features and different sizes & types for different purposes.

The amazing and most comforting feature of this tent is its ability to fight the worst weather. It keeps you dry even in hours long heavy rain and it doesn’t moves no matter how wet it gets. So you get a perfect weather protection with this tent. A best choice for location having worst weather.

It has enough room for 3 people to comfortably sleep in and even have a little extra space left too which is not a common thing to be noted in most 3 person tents.

It has a vestibule which is great for storing things. Inner storage pockets are also included for keeping small items.

The mesh material of the inner tent and complete covering rainfly gives you excellent protection when it rains and also it provides excellent air circulation & ventilation inside the tent.

You can use it in almost all weather conditions, using rainfly in cold or rainy weather and removing it and using this tent as a screen tent in hot and sunny weather.

It has a tub style floor which is welded to the inner walls of the tent and corners have welded seams to prevent leaks.

The Coleman Hooligan 3 is a lightweight tent as described by the manufacturers and its users but if you are not good in taking long walk carrying something then this tent might feel like a bulky one. The best part is that you can divide the parts of the tent among your friends. It weighs 11.57 lbs.

The setup might sound difficult as it has many stakes, 13 for the fly and 4 for the tent and setting it up might be a challenge especially on sandy or hard surface. It is advised to use sturdier stakes than the provided ones. Apart from this it is super easy to set it up & can be done by a single person. Average time it would take is 10 minutes.

  • large storage area and vestibules
  • portable
  • extreme weather protection
  • stakes could be made more sturdy
  • zippers quality could be made more better

Number 3rd on our list is

Bessport- best family tent for under $100

Bessport- best family tent for under $100

  • Large Space-Camping Tent 3 Person
  • Setup Easy & Smooth Zip
  • Fully Seam Waterproof Windproof Tent
  • Ventilation & Lightweight

This tent says it’s a freestanding tent but it’s not really a freestanding tent. Although it’s very easy to set it up. You only need 2 poles for the inner tent with easy to use clips and as for the fly it attaches to the tent with four buckles one in each corner.

You’ll need 6 stakes for the construction, one in each corner and one for each vestibule.

This tent comes with a large mesh door, 2 mesh windows and top made of mesh means making the tent more ventilated. 

Talk about its weather resistance, the professional water resistance rating is 5000mm and has a very strong wind resistance having wind-responsive frame making this tent stable in stormy, windy & snowy weather.

When you set it up, it gives you 86 inches of length and 48 inches of width and 43 inches center of height. You can’t comfortably stand inside the tent but compared to most 2 and 3 person tents it is pretty spacious.

You get 2 vestibules, a great facility; you can organize your stuff easily. You also get 4 mesh pockets so it provides a great deal for storage.

One thing to note here is that this is a 3 season tent and it is not supposed to be used in winters.

As opposed to many other 2 & 3 person tents, this tent has aluminum poles which are much reliable than the fiberglass poles. In total it comes with 12 aluminum stakes and 2 aluminum poles. A plus point.

The poles are easy to assemble, they snap into place with magnets and lock mechanism makes sure the poles aren’t snapping out while you’re on the other side of the tent.

  • Great stability
  • Almost freestanding design
  • Spacious
  • Easy attaching poles
  • low quality zippers

now we have,

Weanas Professional- Best 3 Person Tent for Backpacking

Weanas Professional- Best 3 Person Tent for Backpacking

  • High Quality Plastic Buckle
  • Fly’s 2 Triangle Skylights
  • Water Proof, Wind Proof, SPF Proof, Ventilated
  • 2 doors and 2 vestibules

The material with which Weanas professional is made up of makes it very versatile and durable so it can be used in various environments. 

The best part about this tent is that it is the one of the best waterproof tent in the market. it has a rating of 4000mm for rainfly and 5000mm for floor.

The material is very durable and makes this tent to survive even in extreme weather conditions so it will stay with you for long.

Another plus point feature is that this tent is very easy to setup and takes only few minutes. 

Windows provides you excellent air circulation and ventilation and prevents moisture to build up inside the tent.

The material of the rainfly is 201T polyester with PU coating and that of the inner tent is 201T polyester & Nylon Mesh. 

Floor is made of 150 D anti-tear cloth makes it really strong.

The poles are made up of 7001 Aerospace aluminum alloy.

Another amazing thing about this tent is its resistance against strong winds. The reinforced aluminum poles hold the tent in place properly in strong wind blows.

 The only drawback many users said about this tent having is that the bottom isn’t as much water resistant and gets very muddy if you don’t use a tarp under the tent because the water splashes onto the mesh interior in heavy rain.

  • Great value for money
  • Made up of durable material
  • Very easy & fast setup
  • Rainfly contains special UV coating
  • Not very spacious

On number 5 is the,

NTK Cherokee GT- Best Camping Tent for Under 100

NTK Cherokee GT- Best Camping Tent for Under 100

  • Easy Assembly
  • Sturdy Frame
  • High-Quality Floor and E-port
  • Micro Mosquito Mesh

Best choice for you if you are looking for a tent that accommodates more and is reliable too.

It has 190T polyester with 2500mm waterproof rating and rainfly gives you full coverage hence 100% waterproof tent.

The floor is polyethylene , silver-coated inner layer providing you protection from leaks which heavy rains keeping you dry & protected.

With mesh roof you get excellent ventilation. It has a D-style door with full mesh mosquito protection.

You get large utility pockets and gear loft storage area.

It has a very sturdy construction, having extra thick nano-flex fiberglass poles which interconnects with double gold plated hardware.

It has a freestanding design which is super easy to setup and takedown.

  • Very stable & strong
  • Durable
  • Great value for money
  • 100 waterproof
  • Easy setup
  • Fiber glass poles are not as strong as aluminum poles and they might break.

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