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Kelty is known as one of the top outdoor products brands. It’s in business since 1952 & has gained quite a lot of popularity due to its affordable, high quality and premium feature products.

Kelty provides wide range of outdoor products which serves the need of individual campers, couples & families, providing them a perfect shelter suitable with the environment.

An interesting fact about Kelty is that it maintains a code of conduct which is to follow ethical standards, employing no child, imprisonment or forced labor.

So enough is being said, let’s get to the main idea of this article which is the list of best Kelty tent.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it…

Top 7 Best Kelty Tent

Kelty Salida Kelty Salida
  • Roll top cube carry bag
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Internal storage pockets
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Kelty Outback Kelty Outback
  • Very Easy To setup
  • Double stake-point vestibule
  • Stable in windy condition
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Kelty Night Owl Kelty Night Owl
  • Night light pockets
  • Long floor plan
  • Two doors and vestibules
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Kelty All Inn 3P Tent Kelty All Inn 3P Tent
  • Waterproof floor and rainfly
  • Ultralight weight about 3pounds
  • 3 Doors
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Kelty Tallboy Kelty Tallboy
  • Voluminous internal space
  • Three wrapped fiberglass 
  • Large single door
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Kelty Trail Ridge 8 Tent with footprint - 8 Person Kelty Trail Ridge 8 Tent with footprint – 8 Person
  • 6 person Tent
  • Lightweight
  • Cube Shape
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No 1 on our list is

Kelty Salida - best Ketly Tent

Kelty Salida – best Ketly Tent

  • roll top cube carry bag, Easy setup
  • Easy entry D door, Internal storage pockets, Fully seam taped construction
  • 3 Season tent
  • Color coded clip and fly attachment

Kelty salida is a lightweight 2 person tent with a separate rainfly so it is a double layered tent.

The most liked feature of Kelty Salida is its easy setup. It has user-friendly clips making it much easier to clip the inner tent to the poles. 

The clips are snap-style so you’ll find them pretty easy to use. Clips and fly have color coordination which means that you won’t be confused in configuring how the fly is aligned. 

Let’s talk a little about its weather resistance. Salida works perfectly fine in dry weather conditions but some of the campers who used this tent complained about the rainfly getting wet in 2 hour rainstorm and this caused some condensation building up.

The tent also struggles in air circulation in damp weather conditions. So a suggestion of mine is that is you should not take this tent in harsh weather conditions instead it is great choice in mild weather condition locations. 

The length of the floor is 88’’ which is enough for an average height person but you can’t store much in it.

Now let’s talk about its material. Salida has walls made of mesh upper and lower part is made up of solid. Poles are aluminum press fit which is not the fanciest you can get but it’s really solid & durable. It won’t snap or bend.

The best part about this tent is that the manufacturing company offers lifetime warranty for manufacturing & workmanship issues. So you can contact the manufacturing company if pieces of your tent are failing.

This tent is best recommended for car camping in dry, warm conditions.

  • Plenty of mesh providing excellent ventilation
  • Fast and easy setup, pitches quickly
  • Plenty of loops & pockets for storage
  • Priced lower while offers more
  • Heavier due to the collapsible tent pole
  • When rainfly is attached & fully closed, ventilation is compromised.
Kelty Outback - Best 4 person Kelty tent

Kelty Outback – Best 4 person Kelty tent

  • 3 Season tent
  • Big D Door, Vestitube and taped door seams
  • free standing Design
  • No see-Um-Mesh wall

The most highlighted feature of this tent is its ability to resist harsh weather conditions. Official rating says this tent’s fly & its floor is 1800 mm & it is impressive enough. It can handle hurricane type rains. (Please read here Best 4 person tents)

Positive customer reviews include its extra ordinary performance in 2 day heavy rain & it was reported that tent held up perfectly & everything inside was completely dry.

This one is the perfect one if you’re planning to go on a trip to a location where there is a possibility of harsh weather condition.

Let’s talk a bit about its material, you get inner tent which is all mesh providing you much better ventilation. 

Poles are made of fiberglass which will require you to handle them with extra care, as they are delicate. Aluminum one’s are a bit strong. Walls are made of No-See-Um, so don’t worry about little intruders.

Floor and fly is made of 68 D polyester providing protective shelter.

The one drawback customer mentioned was that the tent is heavy and is difficult to carry in a pack.

  • Freestanding: outback supports its own weight given any terrain.
  • Vestibules
  • Pockets for gear storage
  • Rainfly completely covers the tent body
  • Value for money
  • Attached guyline help stabilizing during strong wind
  • This tent has 57 ft2 of area which is small for 4 people as compared to other tents.
  • No windows
Kelty Night Owl - Best kelty Tent for backpacking

Kelty Night Owl – Best kelty Tent for backpacking

  • Kelty Quick Corners and Night light pockets
  • Long floor plan, Two doors and vestibules
  • Hubbed aluminum poles, No-see-um mesh walls
  • 68D polyester/1800mm floor and fly

As the name suggests & multiple customer reviews, this tent is amazing in terms of how lightweight it is while it offers so many features. 

The center of height is 3’7 & you might feel difficulty in standing up inside the tent. Also with 34 ft2 room inside of the tent makes it a little bit disappointing as compared to some other 2 person tents.

  This is dome style tent having slopped sides & they tend to perform better in rain as water can’t stay on tent’s body and slides down.

Another bonus feature you get with this tent is that you can roll the rainfly halfway up and enjoy the night sky or beautiful sunny day & rainfly can be quickly rolled down if weather plays a trick and goes bad suddenly.

Material of the inner tent is Micro Mesh/ taffeta & rainfly is Taffeta 1200 mm PU.

The Mesh allows you an extraordinary experience giving you the opportunity to get amazed by the beauty of nature.

  • Freestanding
  • Vestibules
  • 2 doors
  • Breathable
  • Not too spacious
  • Doesn’t come with a footprint
Kelty All Inn - Best Ultra Weight Backpacking tent

Kelty All Inn – Best Ultra Weight Backpacking tent

  • DAC Pressfit poles, 15D Polyester walls
  • Waterproof floor and rainfly
  • Weighing in at just over 3 pounds
  •  Kelty gear is built for play, and built to last

  The highlighted feature of this tent is its spaciousness with low weight. You can easily carry it around.

It is a freestanding tent which means it saves you time & energy. DAC press fit hubbed poles makes setting it up super easy. It comes with noiseless pulls zippers.

You get 1 room with 2 doors for entering and leaving the tent which is a great facility for you. 

It also provides you just the right amount of ventilation with its roof & walls that are half Mesh. (please read here how to insulate a tent for AC)

This tent has an excellent reputation for its weather resistance. Users of this tent praises that this tent handles strong winds like a champion. Also it protects you from rain pretty well too.

Although with all the above mentioned qualities, this tent is not recommended in cold weather conditions, it won’t hold any heat inside. But you can use it for summer camping.

  • Gear loft & pockets inside the tent
  • Rainfly completely covers the tent
  • Airy/breathable
  • 2 doors
  • Vestibules for extra storage
  • Low price
  • Small headroom
  • No footprint
  • Sloping walls
Kelty Tallboy Tent - Bet 6 person Tall Dome Tent

Kelty Tallboy Tent – Bet 6 person Tall Dome Tent

  • Maximizing overhead height
  • Voluminous internal space
  • large single door
  • polyester floor and rainfly

Kelty Tallboy is a fully freestanding dome style tent that you can move around easily.

It has 1 room structure & is a one door entrance but you get a wide door opening.

The best & most loved part of this tent is its room area, head area & its roof when rainfly is off.

One user claimed to have witnessed the beautiful nightsky & glory of nature. The Mesh top provides you an extraordinary view of the sky.

It has a peak height of 72 inches & happy customers praised this feature the most. They say they were able to stand comfortably and even change clothes without any trouble.

The ventilation is pretty amazing due to the lots of Mesh on the inner tent. You can keep the window open all the time and you’ll have a nice air circulation. Condensation should be minimal.

The area it offers you is 86 ft2 which is enough for 6 people & 57 ft2 for 4 people (you get 2 options in this range, one for 6 people and the other for 4 people).

This much area is enough to fit 6 pads on floor, although it doesn’t have any vestibules.

It has a brim design so I would recommend you to not use it in harsh weather conditions as it won’t last long but you can use it in mild weather.

The floor and sides are attached leaving no chance of water seeping inside the tent so to keep you and your stuff dry.

It is a super easy setup even a single person can set it up easily. The color-coding in design makes it easy & intuitive for you.

The floor material is 68D polyester & 1200 mm waterproofing and walls are a combination of 68D polyester & No-See-Um Mesh.

  • Reliable
  • Fully freestanding
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Delicate fiberglass poles
Kelty Trail – Best kelty Tent with footprint

Kelty Trail – Best kelty Tent with footprint

  • Steep walls
  • Stargazing Fly
  • Night light pocket

Ok so first of all, its name says Kelty tent with footprint but this tent does not comes with a footprint, you have to buy a separate one for your tent. A footprint protects your floor surface from harmful and sharp objects. It would be nice if this tent came with a footprint included in the package.

It is a freestanding tent & you can pitch it anywhere, on any terrain without having to stake it to the ground but if you can & have a chance it is better to make your tent more robust by staking it.

Another great feature is that it is a double layer tent type which means that the rainfly covers the entire tent’s body.

It is a very lightweight tent with a packed weight of 15 lb &10 oz only. The trail weight is also minimal which is 12 lb and 3 oz. you can share the separable items with other members of your group. But it is not a good idea to take this tent on your trip if your group doesn’t have adults in it or if you have many more things to carry with you.

It claims to accommodate 6 people but in reality, with a floor area of 82 ft2, I would recommend it for 4 people only to make your trip comfortable.

The material of this tent is very durable. Floor is made of 68 D polyester & is waterproof. Same is the upper portion of the tent but there is a lot of Mesh too in the upper portion.

 The good point is, with lots of Mesh, Ventilation is not a problem.

The best part? The fly can be rolled up & you can have the mesmerizing beautiful stargazing experience.

  • 2 doors
  • 2 vestibules
  • Very lightweight
  • Very easy setup
  • Not very spacious as it claims


So as mentioned above the list of the best Kelty tent, every tent has its own special feature and drawbacks. Every tent is designed for different special purposes and you can find your perfect tent by matching your requirements with the tent’s specifications.


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