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All in all, it is to live without the luxuries, off from the metro cities, and testify the magnificence of nature.

To do that, you cannot utilize all the ordinary tents for the same purpose. There are a few rated to withstand the complications that can come into your way during long term living.

So, get ready to explore the 9 best tent for long term living and the few days of living in such places can get you to wholly forget you once lived in the jam-packed cities.

Top 9 Best Tent for Long Term living

NTK Colorado GT NTK Colorado GT
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sturdy Frame with Lifetime Coverage
  • Micro Mosquito Mesh
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Kodiak Canvas Kodiak Canvas
  • Made with Hydra-Shield
  • Two large D-shaped doors
  • Four large windows 
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Luxe Tempo Luxe Tempo
  • Reinforced Fabric
  • HIGH-LOW cross ventilation
  • Outstanding performance in rain
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Dome Camping Tent Dome Camping Tent
  • 5-6 Person Tent
  • Setup in Less then 5 minute
  • Extremely lightweight
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Coleman WeatherMaster Coleman WeatherMaster
  • Spacious 6-person tent
  • Hinged Door
  • Screen Room
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High Peak South Col High Peak South Col
  • 3 person Tent
  • Treated Polyester Floor
  • Fast and Easy ONE PERSON SETUP
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TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent
  • 2 in 1 Tent Or Canopy
  • Roomy tent with built-in ventilation
  • Best all-season protection and airflow
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E-Z UP Camping Cube E-Z UP Camping Cube
  • Cube pop-up tent
  • blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
  • 6 Person Tent
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NTK Colorado GT - Best Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

NTK Colorado GT – Best Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

  • Easy Assembly
  • Sturdy Frame with Lifetime Coverage
  • State-of-the-art Waterproof Floor
  • Micro Mosquito Mesh

As the summer is fast approaching, the family picnics are too near to commence.

Maybe this time, why not hit the extended picnic with all the family members together and live out in nature for days’ long?

Of course, that would be an interesting and new experience most of you love doing it and the results would be marvelous!

With the preparations to get an adequate supply of food, first-aid boxes, barbecue items, water bottles, refreshments, portable appliances, and all; the thing you need to put a lot of focus on is to get the oversized tent.

For that, do not worry about it and drop the tent’s search from the list as we got one for you ready to assist in the long term living wherever you plan to go.

NTK Colorado GT, rated to work best in three seasons and made with the high-grade and double-layered polyester 190T and laminated with polyurethane supporting over 2,500mm rainwater to absorb providing you with the absolute waterproof feature.

Easier to assemble and easy to set up, the double doors are convenient to go out and come in without disturbing the folks.

And the about-hidden mosquito mesh made with ultra-thin polyester lets you keep the doors opened by shutting the mesh layer helping to keep the mosquitos away.

In Summary…

And in short, NTK Colorado GT is big, spacious, and sturdy to let you comfortably live in the open for days without worrying about anything. Is it raining, or gusty winds blowing; none’s gonna impact your decision to stay in the lap of nature.

Whenever and how long you want, just plan for the preparations to live outdoors for whatever days and return to your home after the proposed time with feeling completely different and charged.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe - Best Four Season Family Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe – Best Four Season Family Tent

  • Made with Hydra-Shield
  • Spacious 6’6″ ceiling height
  • Two large D-shaped doors
  • Four large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Large awning

Generally speaking, this tent from Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe is (extremely) heavy, and one cannot drag it along by having it on the shoulders. So, it wholly rejects the idea of taking it along on the mountains and dragging it to the distance without the help of a car or some kind of trolley with the wheels.

Made with the exclusive hydra-shielded and 100 percent cotton duck canvas that is breathable and watertight, stopping the water from slipping in from any side.

The flex-bow frame is the name of sturdiness while keeping the tent taut that would not fall off on the ground when the hard wind blows and providing shelter against the torrential rain without needing to shut the doors.

Good to accommodate over 6 persons ready to explore nature for days’ long with having a roof of around 6’6” in ceiling height to freely move around the tent without bending their heads.

Four wider windows installed with no-see-um mesh allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and keeping the mosquitoes and flies out to see through the scenic nature by sitting right within the tent.

In Summary…

Increasingly-breathable design, the two funnel-flow vents keep the fresh air to comfortably enter inside the tent to naturally manage the temperature.

While it is enough heavyweight and makes it a task to drag it along on the rough terrain, the effort is worth experiencing because of its sturdy construction never to feel like packing up the next day.

Live off in the remote location without remembering your home because of enjoying all the home-alike convenience right from this Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe tent!

Simple to set up, all it takes is just one-person’s assistance despite its overweight build so that all are busy prepping the good while one strong-looking family member has it properly installed.

Luxe Tempo - Best Two Person Tent for Long Term Camping

Luxe Tempo – Best Two Person Tent for Long Term Camping

  • Reinforced Fabric
  • FULLY TAPED Rip-Stop rainfly
  • Multi-functional MESH GEAR LOFT
  • Rommy living space

It is 4-seasons, always ready to go out and used in every season including the icy conditions so that nothing should stop you from using it any time.

Now, camp out and live for days in the open nature despite the weather conditions.

With Luxe Tempo easily accommodating over two persons having the spacious floor area of over 31.6 sq. ft. giving you adequate space to lay down and sleep with keeping the luggage by your sides.

The aluminum poles let you install it in the freestanding form that makes the setup job quite easier.

And the double vestibules possess enough storage to leave the gears within the tent to protect against the wet conditions and the moisture that can ruin the food and the related stuff.

Be it wild or the rough terrain covered with ice, the inner made with 210T polyester ensures breathability and saves you from harsh and cold weather never to feel jiggling.

The Less Good

While it has sturdy construction to enjoy long term living in the open nature with your partner, this can only accommodate over two persons, and fitting the third may break the tent.

So, never try experiencing this trick or be ready to face the damaging circumstances.

A Great Choice If…

For the two persons looking for the intriguing design laminated with the SOS-ready color to come in the notice even from a far distance, Luxe Tempo is never gonna fail you in the performance!

While it keeps no match in the performance, as it works in the sheer and harsh icy conditions but if you are the man avoiding camp in harsh weather, this Coleman Tent Sundome is good to go!

Vidalido - Best Dome 4-Season Tent

Vidalido – Best Dome 4-Season Tent

  • Provides extra space to change clothes
  • Durable design with two entrances
  • 5-6 person Capacity
  • High quality, lightweight

If your family permits, the fair accommodation of over six persons can be easily managed by this family camping tent from Vidalido that keeps an interesting chimney-styled dome shape to let you buy it the sooner.

Or better relate it to be a canopy style tent that seems like a rocket ready to launch! Kinda funny design, isn’t it? 🙂

Jokes apart, Vidalido offers enough space to walk around, stand without bending your head, and lay down into the blanket with six persons accompanying you.

This family-rated tent has the capability to go through weeks-long camping. The more you want to remain close to nature, you are on.

Do not feel like packing up when you have Vidalido in your possession and ready to go outdoors in any season, and any weather condition.

The Less Good

The poles are made with stainless steel which may attract rust. It is wise to clean it up whenever you can to avoid leaving the rainwater or the moisture over it.

And that needs to be properly installed or else face the circumstances when the hard winds blow. So, learn to tighten the stakes in a proper way and erect the poles in the position where they do not jolt to avoid flapping and gathering the tent by the power of winds to sleep peacefully.

A Great Choice If…

Its setup may look strange and obnoxious to many, but in reality, it is not.

Still, if you feel like not doing it, NTK Colorado GT is the good fit who demands the simple and tent-looking tent.

That requires a simple setup, able to accommodate over six persons with ease, and durable, of course!

Though it contains the same stainless steel poles we can live with this compromise, don’t we? 🙂

Coleman WeatherMaster - Best 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster – Best 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

  • Spacious 6-person tent
  • Separate floorless screen room
  • WeatherTec system
  • Rainfly and expandable carry bag
  • Storage Pockets and E port

Looking for reliable tents for long term camping, look no further.

This giant family tent from Coleman WeatherMaster is the master-blaster here.

With the accommodation of over 6 persons seems not an attractive feature this size of tent contains but the thing is, it offers more storage, more walking space, and the capacity to comfortably sleep without running out of space just like you live and sleep in your own room.

The dome-style setup gives enough room to walk around, and even sleep close to its wall where the flapping would not disturb you at all.

Bigger space just like your own room attached with the screen room and having a mesh door included with a zipper inside and outside to go in, sit within and over the chair, or lay down on the floor to enjoy the scenic view without the fear of getting bit by the mosquitoes.

Have it and forget about going home as long as you want to live right by nature.

The Less Good

Well, it is big. It is wide. And it takes a lot of manpower to set it up.

It is kinda overweight than many tents available in the market, but it is feasible for such a tent conceived to be used for long term camping.

And it may let the water enter through seams by the time. When it does, apply Coleman’s exclusive seam sealer to get rid of the problem before doing anything to tackle the waterproofing issue.

A Great Choice If…

If you are accompanied by fewer folks (less than six), this tent is not for you.

And by chance, if you want to explore something new, and something unique in the tent design offering the same capacity to hold up to six persons without any problem, try out Vidalido!

Its canopy-styled design is worth a try to test its strength with the look to leave the on-lookers stunned.

6.ALPS Mountaineering FG

ALPS Mountaineering FG, the name almost all the expeditors trust, offering this sturdy, lightweight, and harsh-weather-ready tent that works best beyond the expectations.

You do not know what the weather upon a mountain can bring over. That is the place where most forecasting may eventually fail so hard.

To deal with the uncertain weather conditions, its waterproof construction with the tent fly rated against the UV damage to protect it from ruining the outer polyester-made roof.

And its mesh roof (when the tent fly is removed) is ready to let you explore the shiny blue sky through the convenience of leaving the sleeping bag. Enjoy the increased ventilation whenever you want without needing to open the doors.

Easier to assemble, set up, and disassemble; its free-standing dual-pole design made with fiberglass does not let you face any hassle.

Store your stuff, from cameras, smartphones, and anything that you have which you fear losing and breaking if left on the floor by placing them inside its mesh storage pockets for easier and safer access.

The Less Good

Despite its sleek design, the under-capacity can be a challenge when it is filled with and over four persons.

While the design is rated to withstand the harsh weather (even in the open mountains when the expedition season is on), two to three persons would be a good fit to last the sizzling nights in the icy mountains.

And out of all these certain cons, it is lightweight and absolutely affordable to use this tent for a lifetime if you use it with extra care.

A Great Choice If…

Undoubtedly, ALPS Mountaineering FG is sturdy, constructed with high-standard and effective materials to really withstand the weather’s harshness despite the location you have taken it along.

And as the name suggests, you cannot really question its build quality.

For a replacement to try out for long term camping, Coleman Sundome would easily surprise you because of its lightweight design, extremely low price, and space to easily fit in over four persons.

High Peak South Col - Best Four Season Backpacking Tent

High Peak South Col – Best Four Season Backpacking Tent

  • 4 Season Tent
  • Fast and Easy 1 Person Setup
  • Long Rainfly
  •  Two Large Doors with Storm Flaps

Do not take its overall capacity, but the construction to testify its durability.

The lightweight design is worth packing to the size that seamlessly takes it inside your backpack, so wherever you are going and ready to camp for weeks to avoid the metro life, High Peak South Col is always ready to serve.

As it fits over three adults without a hunch, the stable assembly and the installation have aluminum poles that are set to give you a sound sleep no matter how windy the outside is.

Its inverted and U-shaped door installed with a no-see-um mesh screen lets the rays of sunshine and the fresh air easily come inside to enjoy the ventilation and warmth without having to pop out of the tent.

The Real Less Good

It is easy, lightweight, and ready-to-roll- in any conditions, bring it to icy situations but you should not drag it up to the mountains to test its strength.

Sad to report but the aluminum poles would not take it. So, be mindful and do not go beyond its limit.

A Great Choice If…

Wanting to drop one person, it is okay, and you can do so by replacing it with Luxe Tempo accommodating over two persons and is ready to go out in all four-seasons to even enjoy the icy weather by camping over the rough terrains (mountains to be exact.)

Four-seasons ready and tested in extreme weather conditions, the only thing is you gonna enjoy the hell out of location whether it is close to the lake or over the mountains filled with thick ice and snowing almost all the day without worrying about going back to the safe zone.

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent; Waterproof Bell Tent for Family Camping in All Seasons

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent; Waterproof Bell Tent for Family Camping in All Seasons

  • 2 In 1 Tent or Canopy
  • Roomy tent with built-in ventilation
  • Extra Wide Door
  • All Weather Canvas

It seems obvious that long term living outdoors is not possible without your whole family joining you.

And for them, you need the kind of tent that has sufficient space, made with reliable material, waterproof, and all to reliably live in the outskirts and away from home.

TETON Sports Sierra is one you should be looking for; a bigger design made with the all-seasons canvas and erected with the support of a single-pole installed in the middle to gain more height.

It really is the tent worth to state home away from home, enjoy the barbecue while the kids play all around and when feeling tired and do not just want to spend the time out, get inside the tent and pick your spot where no one would be disturbing you.

The Less Good

As the opposite, this oversized tent from TETON Sports Sierra is a blessing for many but in this case, if you need more space, more height, and more area to cover but many would deny purchasing it in response to having something lightweight, small, and sleek in design.

Of course, it costs more to purchase it but it indeed is worth the investment, but not all the family-picnic-goers would want to invest this much money.

And that, it would not withstand the harsh and gusty winds and may fall down the floor.

A Great Choice If…

Do not take it lightly when your motive is to own something reliable and bigger to freely move around because none of the tents other than TETON Sports Sierra can provide you such features.

But wait, it can become hell setting it up. And that, it is high in the price, as well.

So, another reliable and best tent for long term living could be Coleman WeatherMaster for you that makes it look like a room-styled one to experience the larger space.

E-Z UP CC10SLSP - Best Cube Camping Tent

E-Z UP CC10SLSP – Best Cube Camping Tent

  • Cube pop-up tent
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Power Pocket
  • Over-Sized Entry Door
  • Pet Portal

The fun design easily converts into the canopy using the straight leg making walls not to obstruct anything as it feels like being in your own room as the straight walls resemble.

As it easily accommodates over six persons, do you want to leave your four-legged friend back at home on the days’ long camping? Of course, not!

With E-Z UP CC10SLSP, its dedicated pet entry would not let you feel bothered by taking your pet coming in and out as he would be doing it all day long without needing your assistance. That feature makes it a human as well as a pet-friendly tent you cannot easily seek from many tents.

The Less Good

The setup could turn to be a total mess. Requiring more people to erect it, not all the men you would find as interested to set it up diligently as you.

So, this can do the job super tedious for you, and it’s kinda impossible to do it all by yourself. So, get to know in advance you have the proper manpower to help you set it up properly before taking it out to camp.

Besides this hurdle, this gives the room-alike perception to best enjoy the family camping time!

A Great Choice If…

It is a pure hurdle if you happen to set it up all by yourself. Almost impossible to do so individually, you need the backup to help you set it up.

You do not want to ever run down into it, have a look over Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe that accommodates over the same count and is simple to set up.

Some General Tips to Follow Before Buying a Tent for Long Term Living

Do not exaggerate if you do not know anything about the tents you want to try out for long term living.

They should be containing some serious essentials to really withstand the days and week’s long outdoor camping.


Is your long term camping tent waterproof? Does it only claim, or you have tested it by yourself?

What we urge is not to just go with the claim but test it yourself in accordance to keep your family and valuable moisture-free and withstand the torrential rain.

Enough with the Height

Seems inevitable and unnoticing, but we believe the tents for long term camping should be having enough height to stand up and move around because you cannot just lay down and spend the whole time in the blanket when you are off to experience nature by living around it for days.

Learn to Set it Up Properly

It takes a one-time set up, and you are done, do not go with this approach.

The long term living in the tent may have you to experience countless events, countless f mishaps, so, you should be prepared to set up the tent if it is gusty or the storm just hit your place leaving the tent to come loose.

The Buying Guide for Best Tent For Long Term Living

Apart from the price tag, let’s evaluate the bunch of necessary information to come knowing the best tent for long term living outdoors to test nature with you and along with the family!

So, what are they, let’s explore them together;

Can you legally live in a tent on your own land?

Yes, it does. You need to build a proper home instead of setting up the camp and live within it unless you are into the specified campgrounds.

Can you live in the tent all year round?

Okay, we believe some folks are as eager to experience nature, and who are fed up with the metro life.

For that, almost all of our listed tents could be a good companion to you allowing you to live real close to nature as long as for a year.

When you are off to experience something like that, be mindful to own a tent that is sturdy, reliable, and waterproof to the best to deal with the common events long term camping could bring you.

What is the best state to live in a tent?

  • New York
  • Colorado
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Montana

All these five states have their perks to enjoy living around and within a tent to experience their beauty with your naked eyes.

The space to cater to look out from the tents to live in permanently?

Living outdoors for the long term, of course, your family would most probably join you in this adventure.

And when they do, the family count may easily hit between four and six members.

To accommodate them all, make sure to purchase a tent that supports and allows the maximum persons to comfortably live, sleep, and walk around the tent as well as the smooth entrance.

By meaning to walk around, the tent has to have a clear height to stand in an upright position and nothing should obstruct their heads to bend down.

All in all, the tent should have a clear space from floor to the head to enjoy moving around it freely never to turn exhausted and drop the idea to go back home by packing up the tent.


Sad to mention, but the long term camping tents are huge and heavy. There might be some tents that feel somewhat lightweight, but you would then have to compromise over their height and the mobility that oversized tents can actually bring you.

So, learn to adopt the heavy tents because they would best perform outdoors to comfortably live for days and even for weeks!

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