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Planning to live like a gypsy out in the open sky? The solution seems to have its very own hut established.

But, that is not what we are about to entertain and not that we want anyone to like a gypsy.

The motive here is to spend some good time (dependent on weeks and/or a couple of days), and for that, we bring some of the finest and best tents for long-term camping with the proven record they are the real best.

Because and especially on your camping tour, the weather is the first thing that may create certain circumstances that are unbearable.

To deal with the excessive wind and rain (two core bad-turning weather ingredients), the tent should have the capacity to withstand the ordeal without ruining your setup as well as forcing you to pack up the tent due to fear.

Top 7 Best Tents For Long-Term Camping

So, no more fluff, and we are about to unveil the best out of the market that is gonna let you taste long-term camping anywhere you plan.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Tent, Glacier Gray/Molten Lava, 5422642

Do not take the long-term camping pretty lightly (not lightweight), the days spent out in the wild can make you face some uncommon, unheard, and untested events which can greatly impact your soul and mind.

The best part is, always accompany at least one person with you when you are about to go on a long-term camping trip.

Second out of the best, the more people the better. It would let you enjoy and manage the whole camping together without running into completing the chores all day long missing on the fun.

A pretty heavy-built tent from ALPS Mountaineering with a spacious floor area is able to give plenty of room to accommodate over four-person just like that!

Rated for three seasons, but we urge you to use it wherever you want, whichever place you desire to camp out for long but do that in sheer summer.

Set to protect against UV damage, the polyester would not shrink and burn due to excessive heat.

All in all, this ALPS Mountaineering is the fun-buster tent ready to roll whenever you are!

  • Good for 4 person
  • Dome shape to withstand the harsh wind
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Contains two small windows only

2. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe 10 ft x 10 ft (6-person)

Thick, heavy, and durable; the use of canvas is always the choice of many to get enhanced protection against the weather.

The canvas tent is kinda waterproof, does not let the air and cold penetrate through, and blocks the heat to get in.

And Kodiak Canvas Deluxe is amongst the best canvas tents for long-term camping giving the adequate and spacious floor area to easily accommodate up to eight-person without any problem.

Rated for all four seasons, the adequate dimension of 14 ft. in width and 10 ft. of depth gives the proper space to have everyone lay down and sleep in their sleeping bags without much disturbance.

Double doors for easier accessibility and over four windows installed with no-see-um mesh that blocks the internal view from outside.

Easy to set up, all it takes a single hand to properly install it onto the floor, so that makes it one best family tent for wind and rain to enjoy every single minute of living in the open wild, and really close to nature.

  • Made with waterproof and high-grade canvas
  • Goes good to camp for long in all four-seasons
  • Dual and large doors
  • Enough ventilated
  • Extremely heavy
  • Must dry it off before storing it

3. MASTERCANOPY Heavy Duty Pop-up Canopy Tent

MASTERCANOPY Heavy Duty Pop-up Canopy Tent with Sidewalls (10x20,Black)

It is often believed the tents are this big they can only and hardly let two persons get inside, and the zipper doors are the only way to get in.

As the world is fast evolving, so is the technology and the way of thoughts people go and follow.

With MasterCanopy 6M, this does not look like a traditional and ordinary tent type you can account for.

Bigger and wider, its overall setup covers around 10ft x 20ft to easily let in up to 8 to 12 folks.

Use it during the festivals, and events, or take it out on the camping because you can then install its instant canopies along with four side walls (removable), and dual door walls on the front for easier accessibility.

It proves to cover up to 200 sq. ft., so, everyone can take shelter inside against the extreme sunshine and the harmful sun rays to comfortably take a sound afternoon nap.

Easy to set up and detach, everything comes in a removable format, so that they are convenient to transport, easier to erect, and super-easier to detach with safety. So, setting it up and detaching would not break stuff (precautions required.)

And what you need to be extra careful about is to place the weight bags (sandbags) from the outward side of walls to protect them from flapping which makes them capable of withstanding up to 50 km/h of wind speed if placed properly.

  • Instant canopy-style tent
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to set up
  • High in price

4. Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Large Glamping Wall Tent with Stove Jack Hole and Power Cable Inlet

Surprise! Surprise!

Eye-popping design, unbelievably durable, and exquisite build quality with the spacious interior to fit in multiple air sofas, and the air mattresses to give proper space to a complete family.

Designed exclusively for the whole family to hit the picnic spot together, its 13ft. width provides up to 157.48 inches of floor to easily accommodate everyone including their accessories and luggage.

Planning to spend a few days out with PlayDo, the integrated stove jack to add the stovepipe enables you to cook whatever you can right from the convenience of staying inside the tent.

And, then do not worry about the stovepipe turning hazardously hot as it is best covered with the fire-resistant material around it eliminating all the chances to catch the fire.

Waterproof and enough ventilated, do not worry about condensation, and water coming inside from anywhere because of using breathable and durable materials confirming to only enjoy every minute spent inside the tent no matter the weather outside.

4-seasons-ready design, this comes with all the strength to endure the unleashed weather condition or the highly-impacting sun rays trying to penetrate through the tent; you should not be worrying about anything at all. 🙂

Be it to take along all your kids to enjoy the holidays or decide to spend some couple time together in this romantic weather, PlayDo is all set ready to serve!

  • Triangular and rounded-shape tent
  • Big in width and height
  • Ready to roll in all four-seasons
  • Increasingly breathable material
  • Requires more hand during the setup

5. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room

Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent

Trailing with the good group of folks who joined you on the adventure, the best restive thing is undoubtedly where you can lay down peacefully.

If you try doing so on the bare floor of the wild, the scorching heat, moisture-rich sand, insects popping out from everywhere, and the constant presence of animals (the wild animals) can wholly destroy your peace of mind.

To best deal with the situation and provide peaceful shelter to up to ten folks, make no mistake to pick any other tent but Ozark Trail’s exclusive 10-person tent with over three dedicated and separate rooms to feel like you got your home set up in the middle of the wild.

Single doors for accessibility and two-sided doors to enter into other two rooms to achieve added privacy and up to six windows are installed all around the tent which brings the increased ventilation to surpass the whole cabin tent.

Not to worry about leaking in the event of torrential rain as the taped fly seams protect the water to drip inside never to snatch your sleep in the middle of the night.

Bring up to three full-sized queen air mattresses that still leave the space to cover where you can easily store your luggage and valuables without sacrificing your legroom.

  • Feels like being in the home
  • Three separate rooms for the privacy
  • Good to fit in up to ten persons
  • Be careful to use in the stormy weather

6. Ayamaya Pop-Up Tent 6-Person Easy

AYAMAYA Pop Up Tent 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tents for Camping with Vestibule, Double Layer Waterproof Instant Setup Popup Tent Big Family Camping Tents Beach Pop-up Tent Space for 2/3/4/5/6 People Man

The world does not wait. And how come the campers do?

To vehemently reduce the wait time, we bring this pop-up instant tent ready to accommodate over six-person from Ayamaya!

It is ready-made, easy to set up, and takes about seconds to open in full without having everyone come together and help in setting up.

As we stated it is easier to set up, all it takes is one hand to call the job done.

Apart from the instant setup, the spacious floor area of around 12.5 sq. ft. takes in up to six-person with their sleeping bags and luggage by their side without compromising the space.

Single door for the entrance but its dome shape provides the adequate height to enter inside the tent with your heads up.

So, no bending of the neck, and you can almost stand in upright condition inside the tent without touching the roof if your body height is at an average level.

All ventilated, this Ayamaya tent keeps you away from running into the hassles during the setup, so that you keep a tab over how long you have gone inside the jungle, and whenever feeling tempted to rest, set the tent up to less than a minute to lay down and charge up the body for the next phase of trekking and training.

  • A ready-made pop-up tent that is easy to set up
  • Waterproof construction does not let the water leak inside
  • Use in various weather conditions and location
  • Place the tarp over the floor not to feel uncomfortable

7. Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers

12'x10'x8'Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Anti-UV Windproof Tents Family Outdoor Camping Tent (Green)

Vidalido, the unique and never-seen design, this triangular-shaped tent is surely gonna attract you to arouse your temptation to instantly purchase it.

Looking at the design, it is surely perceived to be hitting a high price but in the clear reality, it is not. The super affordable price tag should not put a strain on your wallet for sure.

Leaving out all the bad thoughts nearing you to perceive the rough handling might tear the tent, the material used to manufacture this tent is the absolute ani-tear one mixed with 190T polyester and 150D Oxford fabric that ensures its lasting performance to test in the good rainy days.

Increasingly ventilated, the overall construction of the tent surface, windows, and doors keep the airflow passing in, and out even though the whole tent is concealed, having you enjoy the fresh air when sleeping with everything shut.

Easy to carry and portable design that takes about five minutes to set up. That seems an adequate timeline to set up this kinda tent properly.

Take on to attend the days’ long festivals and events or prepare to hit the wild for a while, this is rated as the best tent for long-term camping.

  • Anti-UV and windproof design
  • Tipi or bell-style tent with good height
  • Cost-effective family-rated tent
  • Contains one single entrance door

An Exclusive Buying Guide for the Best Tents for Long Term Camping

As the demand suggests, long-term camping has many adversaries to cope with.

It indeed is not the weather that is the only culprit. There needs to be keeping a tab over countless stuff including safety, breathability, weight, accommodation, and more.

So, you should stick with us while we unfold what you must be taking care of before purchasing your favorite and dream tent for long-term camping.

Tent Style

Though the tents keep a different look and shape for picking the best for long-term camping, the shape may (or may not) matter.

What we personally believe is to pick the cabin-styled ridge tent, instant pop-up tent, tipi (or bell) tent, or tunnel one as they give you more height, larger space to spend most of your time inside the tent without turning exhausted, and the walls being in the straight formation that let you comfortably sit with your back touching it and not the head.

Because when you are out for a long, you have the dedicated time to enjoy the most out of it and not stay in the tent all day long.

So, dome ones and geodesics would cause you trouble as they are best used to spend the night which you do all by sleeping.

Enough Source of Ventilation

During long-term camping, that is the sure thing, you would not be doing that alone.

So, doing it together with friends or family, there you have a couple more folks that go inside the tent with you and spend some hours shutting everything down (especially during the night.)

And the more folks you have, the condensation and the carbon developing around can turn on the breathability issue.

To sufficiently deal with that, the built-in system for ventilation seems a solution.

So, never opt for a tent that lacks the proper ventilation system to ensure it lets the fresh pass in, and out even though everything is shut.

Doors for Easier Accessibility

The more doors the better. Imagine you have up to six people joining you and they are sound sleeping at night. The single door could be a disaster as the person sleeping far to the corner can wake everyone up.

We advise: the more doors the better!


A large pool of folks comprised of couples seeking some privacy? Go with the cabin-style tents as they own separate rooms to sleep in as you do at home.

Waterproof Construction

Uncertain weather is always ready to pour water from the sky; the only sustainable solution is to have the tent come with the rating of being waterproof.

Since that seems to be the only weather condition that can turn everything into a big mess, we strongly recommend testing this feature by splashing the water all around it to the level of soaking.

Once done, experience it yourself if the water drips inside from the surface, seams, ventilation system, and from any possible areas that seem impossible.

Ease of Set up

Joined with a whole family going to the days’ long camping, not all of them would be versed in setting up the tent.

To rectify this issue for good, we urge you to pick the instant and pop-up tent as they are quite handy, manageable, and quick to install just as you try to pop it out.

Unlike the traditional tents, and that too with accommodate over four-person, that is a pure hassle to set everything up by erecting the frame, attaching the tent surface, putting the stakes tightening the ropes to ensure it would not flap due to wind speed.

Integrated Power Cord

Wherever we live, we do not let go the smartphones, laptops, and other appliances that require constant power to keep going.

With that being said, the power source consisted of the gas generator, solar system, pedal generator, batteries, and battery packs to keep up with the appliances.

Even if you manage to bring any of them to the camp, the integrated power cord conveniently supplies the power all around the tent which goes into the power source you brought along.

Not all the tents contain this integrated power cord, but only a few, so, never let this feature go unnoticed if you happen to spend days in the wild needing to power up the appliances you have.


And, that concludes our pick of the top 8 best tents for long term camping to just forget the metro life and experience living in the lap of wild nature.

Different in features (and price), make up for what you require and pick one of your dream tents to comfortably spend the days outdoors.

Experience this never-experienced lifestyle (even for a few days) without facing the challenges as these tents would never let you feel like you are in the complete outdoors, and away from home!

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