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“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

                                                                             -Stephen Hawking”

True meaning to feel alive is to get close exposure to nature, taking a break from the hectic daily life routine, get outside from the hustle and bustle of the cities, getting out of the buildings that encage us. 

Well camping is one way to get your ultimate exposure to nature and it is amazing to get a chance to observe a wonderful astronomical event such as stargazing.

Getting excited?? Well you should be but before you get too excited make sure you have the important and right kind of items on your list of arrangements. One of those important items is a Tent. You need to actually make sure you have the best tents for stargazing on your list before you go and explore the world because kind of tent decide what your trip would be like.

Yes!! A tent! The kind of tent you select for your journey is going to actually make it memorable or ruin your trip. So if you’re planning for stargazing you should go & choose a Tent specifically designed for it.

Now you might want to ask what’s the difference between a regular tent and best tent designed for stargazing?

Well the models are specifically designed & labeled for the purpose of stargazing having lots of mesh opening at the roof giving you a comfortable and clear view of the sky so you don’t compromise on your comfort and can fulfill the purpose of your camping. A normal tent might or might not have these features so it is necessary to arrange the right items as they can make or break your trip. So make sure that you get yourselves the best tent for stargazing, which also suits your other needs, to get full lively experience of stargazing.

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered as here I bring you the list of best tents recommended for stargazing. You don’t need to spend hours of researching on the perfect tent fitting your requirements. I’ve done that job for you. 

I hope this article helps you in finding a tent that fits all your other needs.

So grab a pen and paper and write down the features fit for your needs and get you your best tent for your stargazing experience.

So without any further delay let’s jump right into it….

Top 9 Best Tents For Stargazing

Hyke & Byke 1 Person Backpacking Tent with Footprint

Hyke & Byke 1 Person – Best Tents For Stargazing

  • Ultra lightweight and Durable
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Single aluminum pole design with rainfly

The Hyke and Byke zion  1 & 2 P Backpacking tent, as the name suggest, is perfectly designed for backpacking & camping. Hyke & Byke manufactures pretty high quality items & from the last couple of months they’ve been the top sellers of sleeping bags on amazon. 

Talking about the material, this tent has nylon-mesh lining and no-see-um mesh walls making it incredibly lightweight and durable. This fabric also provides you the maximum protection from the bugs & mosquitoes. 

It comes with different features and add-ons all included in one package so you don’t have to spend extra money & these features include footprint, removable gears loft pocket & a proprietary stake presser. 

With its 1 pole clip attachment it is easier to set up and provides a breathable environment. Perfect for 3 season backpacking trips.

The material of inner tent is 190 T 63 D poly Mesh and it comes with 210 T, 63 D poly Mesh also with a rainfly having material 210 T 63 D poly Mesh.

  • Made up of high quality material making waterproof and durable.
  • Spacious interior
  • Offers more storage space so you can save your gear equipment
  • Company is famous for making great quality products
  • This feature in this price is excellent as other tents providing these features also cost more.
  • Product is heavy due to the accessories it comes with

Next we have

Big Agnes Backpacking Tent

Big Agnes Backpacking Tent

  • Weatherproof, Lightweight, and Packable
  • Time-Tested & Refined
  • Large dual zipper doors and steep wall architecture

The Big Agnes 2019 copper spur is the most favorite & most recommended backpacking tents & it is one of the manufacturing company’s best designs.

Big Agnes has an excellent reputation in terms of its water resistance. It was being tested in Pacific Northwest rain & its performance was quite impressive. It succeeded in keeping the campers dry however its wind resistance is not so strong. It can withstand a good amount of wind exposure but will fail against strong wind cycles.

Now let’s take a look at its durability. This tent has a 20 D nylon floor & rainfly fabric which plays an important role in making it light weight, another plus point for this tent, but it does compromises on its lifetime. The fabric is a bit delicate & can be torn easily. It’s not a wise choice for people who camp a lot. 

Another highlight of the tent under discussion is it being spacious from the inside of the tent. The bent pole structure & top crossbar provides almost vertical sidewalls resulting in more space.

*Model number shows how many people can fit in for example UL 2 denotes 2 persons*

Another admirable factor of Big Agnes is its design. It is designed in a convenient manner if we talk about its set up. Its main body can be pitched nearly anywhere making it super easy & quick to set.

With mesh ceiling you can enjoy the stargazing with the comfort of all of the mentioned facilities.

This company offers a warranty of replacement or credit in case of the product is damaged.

  • It is very light weight
  • Easy setup, freestanding style
  • Nice interior space
  • Large doors and vestibules
  • Reduced condensation due to large top vents
  • One thing is its cost but in my opinion it’s worth it
  • No long term durability due to thinner material used

The next one on our list is 

Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent with Footprint

Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent with Footprint

  • Freestanding design
  • Color coded clip and sleeve construction
  • 3 Season tent

First of all let’s talk about its interior room availability. This tent is a bit stingy in this department as it doesn’t offers a considerable amount of space inside the tent but it is a good choice for campers who spend most of their time outside the tent. Maximum center of height of 411 with 572 ft space inside it is pretty small as compared to some other 4 person’s tent.

A plus point of this tent is that its trail ridge with footprint supports its own weight given any terrain & doesn’t need to be staked down. But of course this measure should be kept in mind in case of strong wind cycles.

Strong protection against heavy rain and has a waterproofing rating of 1800mm.

The features it provides are a bit more if its price is considered. You get more than you pay.

Material for floor & fly is 68 D poly Taffeta, Mesh 15 D nylon No-See-Um.

  • Given all the features the price it costs is pretty low
  • 2 vestibules gives you the option to store items like shoes and other muddy items
  • With 2 doors you can get in and out easily
  • Not having to buy a separate footprint is a plus. It comes with a footprint
  • Many sizes available
  • Floor having area of 572 ft makes it stingy in terms of space it offers
  • No windows makes it difficult to keep the tent ventilated in summers
  • Heavy weight for backpacking

Next we are going to discuss 

Sierra Designs Meteor 4 Person Backpacking Tents

Sierra Designs Meteor 4 Person Backpacking Tents

  • 55 square feet of floor space
  • Fast and Easy Set Up
  • Stargazer Fly

This tent has got great reviews from backpacking magazines & men’s journal & several others.

The most loved feature of this tent is its burrito stall sack which makes packing heaven and saves up more space. It breaks away from the traditional tent stuff sack.

Let’s talk about its construction, the main poles are all together & top pole is separate & increase interior space. The Dac poles are also pre-bent allowing almost vertical walls.

It is light weight & quite spacious for 2 persons to sit up properly and even play cards.

It is very easy to set up because of its freestanding 2 pole design & color coordination also given.

 It has got dual doors, dual vestibules, & tons of interior living space. There are also small pockets on the inside for gear & hooks to attach a gear loft.

The ridge poles create a steep wall angle making the inside of the tent livable and makes the night sky appear more beautiful.

Personally speaking the design of this tent is the most attractive feature!

  • A reliable product
  • Price is reasonable
  • Freestanding
  • The only drawback is that it is heavy.

Next is,

Kelty Night Owl Backpacking and Camping Tent

Kelty Night Owl Backpacking and Camping Tent

  • Night light pockets and Kelty Quick Corners
  • Two doors and vestibules
  • Exceptional head and shoulder room

As compared to Kelty Dirt Motel, this model offers you stargazing in a bit larger space.

Interior of this tent gives more than enough Mesh allowing the campers to have a much better view of the night sky rather than wiggle around to find right angle. 

Another bonus of this tent is its rainfly can be rolled up halfway & also quickly rolled back down if needed in a less welcoming weather condition. The stargazing fly makes your night out majestic. 

What I like in this tent is the diffuser pocket that glows when sun goes down so you don’t constantly irritate someone with your headlamp. 

Downside of this tent is that it weighs 10 pounds & 4 oz which is OK if you are camping near where you park your car but if not then this tent is not for you.

Material of inner tent is Micro Mesh / Taffeta and as for rainfly it is Taffeta 1200 mm PU.

  • Freestanding makes this tent to support its weight given any terrain.
  • Vestibules gives you extra space to store muddy items
  • 2 doors makes it easier to get in and out
  • Breathable
  • Not too spacious
  • A negative thing for some campers is less headroom
  • It doesn’t have a footprint
  • A bit heavy for backpacking

Next in the list is,

TETON Sports Vista 1 Quick Tent

TETON Sports Vista 1 Quick Tent

  • Pop-up dome tent
  • All weather tent
  • mesh top allows for a perfect stargazing

The TETON sports tent Vista Quick tent by TETON sports gained its popularity mostly due to its quick setup feature. You can instantly set it up by simply locking the poles and pulling the drawstring & that’s it! You’re done!

For an extraordinary camping experience you can set it up elevated on the ground with the help of your favorite TETON camping cot.

The sturdy micro Mesh tent material with a waterproof rainfly promises to keep you dry through the rain. Though sold separately, you can use the Elite rainfly that extends down to the ground if you are using the camping cots.

And of course, the special feature which brings it here in this article is its amazing full Mesh op that enables you to experience stargazing & the beautiful views night sky has to offer.

Now I present to you,

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

  • H2O Block Technology
  • Time Saving Instant Setup
  • Room Divider and Large T-Door

As the name suggests it is a cabin type tent which means having vertical walls giving you lots of space of about 14X9 feet.

The fabric used for this tent it 68 D polyester making it water resistant. Both the tent & its rainfly are heat sealed which prevents water from seeping in through seams. So rest assured you and your family will stay dry & comfortable in it.

The most loved feature of this tent is its quick & easy set up. In only 60 seconds you have your tent ready. YES! Only 60 seconds. Pretty amazing right? Especially in a tent of this choice.

Let’s talk about the feature that brings it here, its Mesh ceiling. Mesh ceiling and see through windows makes a tent heaven for night sky lovers!

  • Easy , quick set up
  • Great headspace of 78 inches
  • Includes rainfly
  • 100 % waterproof and wind proof
  • In heavy rain sometimes the zippers in doors leak.


ALPS Mountaineering Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tent

  • Free-Standing 2-Pole Design
  • Vestibule for Gear Storage
  • Great Ventilation

If you are planning a solo outdoor adventure then this is the perfect choice for you!

It belongs to the family of most popular tents on Amazon.

Talking about its design, 2 aluminum poles crossing through the center gives it a dome style layout.

It is a freestanding tent which is an outstanding & heavenly feature if solo camping is considered. You can easily set it up on any terrain so just pop the tent open & relax!

Size of ALPS Mountaineering LYNX 1-person tent is only comfortable for 1 person. I would recommend this tent for solo camping as it cannot accommodate more than 1 person. Its pretty stingy in terms of size available.

Mesh ceiling and windows on side makes it breathable & enables you to enjoy perfect weather, your quite time with nature & of course the night sky!

  • It is freestanding
  • Has side doors
  • Stable and strong
  • Spacious vestibules
  • Doesn’t comes with a footprint
  • Heavy

Last but not least is the 

Coleman Camping Tent

Coleman Camping Tent

  • WeatherTec System
  • Strong frame withstands 35+ mph winds
  • Large windows and ground vent for enhanced airflow

Coleman sundome 2 person tent is a heavy weight tent which suggests it is designed for camping in placing you can access with your car.

This tent doesn’t offer any extra space such as having vestibules or pockets, all you have is the area covered with the tent. You only get 2 Mesh pouches for light and small items.

Rainfly only covers the top Mesh opening of the tent & does not cover the whole tent but with its welded corners and inverted seems this tent resist water from seeping in.

The set up is conventional & take time and effort. The time required to set it up is 10 mins.

  • Exclusive weather protection system to keep you dry
  • Headroom is spacious
  • Electric power port
  • Mesh vents
  • Flashlight loop for lighting
  • Freestanding design
  • Doesn’t include footprint & vestibules
  • Has only 1 door
  • Small rainfly
  • Heavy

Now that we have seen the best tents for stargazing, I’m going to mention some other features, a tent must have, and that’ll help you more to choose the perfect tent for you!!


Well there are a lot of factors related to tents that are crucial for your overall experience of camping. Now while finding your best tent for stargazing, apart from the main feature that allows you to see through the tent, there are multiple other features that need to be taken under consideration like:

 Size: A must check before spending any money on any tent as what’s the point if you and your family can’t fit in comfortably. Moreover most tents are very literal about the number of person their tent can accommodate but a fact should be kept in mind that for example if a tent claims to be able to accommodate 3 persons but in reality when you actually make 3 people go inside the tent you’ll feel cramped up. 

Most campers suggest selecting a tent that claims to accommodate 2 more people than you are actually planning to take on your trip. 

 Weight: Another important factor that must be checked before buying a tent. If you traveling to a place where you have easy access to your car then of course you can ignore the weight somehow but if you plan for hiking or go on your bare feet then weight matter a lot!

Durability: Now here again it depends on the circumstances. If going on a place with rough terrain then you need to keep in mind that the stargazing tents have Mesh openings on top and windows and it’s a delicate fabric. So either buy one that promises to not give up on you during your camping week/weeks or don’t take the delicate ones on rough terrains.

Ease of setup: while most kinds of tents now in the market are making it easier for campers to set up their tents easily by providing color coordination or launching freestanding tents style. Still there are some models in market that can bring frustration while setting them up as they require lots of effort and time.

Mesh location:   well of course that’s the most important factor to look for while selecting your best tent for stargazing. The Mesh covering the top of the tent provides an excellent view of the night sky but some models have meshing along the upper edges which also provides a good view but not as good as meshing at the top of the tent. Some tents even provide meshing at the top and mesh windows to make you feel like sitting in open fresh air.

Ability to repel bugs: You obviously don’t want to wake up having your arm covered in large bug bites so always try to find tents that has the ability to repel insects and mosquitoes. For absolute protection from bugs, campers usually consider no-see-um meshing and find it to be the absolute best.


Picking up one favorite from all these options is not an easy job. Every tent has got special features & qualities of its own that are specifically designed for different circumstances and to fit customer needs. All you got to do is make a list of your requirements, match them with the specifications of different tents, the one who qualifies most of the requirement is the one you need. An important tip to keep in mind before buying any model: A lot of mesh overhead provides amazing experience of night sky but you must make sure that you have arrangement of a rainfly in case of sudden storm. 

Happy camping!

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