Does the Color of Your Tent Matter? | CampingWorld

Does the color of your tent matter; it is kinda bizarre to think over it.

But it is all about personal satisfaction if you like a color scheme.

There are some of the best tents available and occupying all the basic and advanced features, but the color combination may turn you off.

If it is happening to you lately, you are not alone in that. Almost everyone has this issue in a gene where the color likeness rather occupies your mind than the features.

Does the Color of Your Tent Matter

It does matter the most. The color of everything matters a lot be it anything.

If your mind has been wiggling around and pressing you not to buy a tent based on the color; you are not alone, we repeat!

Whether you have the personal choice to whichever color you pick, we gotta fact-check the different color combinations for you to ease down on deciding what sort of colors are gonna impact depending on the environment, weather, and events.

Colors play with temperatures

Ever remember our parents stressing us to wear light-colored clothes in the summer? Well, the colors do behave differently depending on the seasons. If exposed to sunlight, the sharp and fast colors would behave so differently, and invite the heat to pierce through the body.

Reflective to the lights, the color plays an important role during the scorching day when the inner side of the tent turns red-hot. If that is happening lately with your new tent, you might have purchased a wrong-colored tent in the summer (and direct sunlight) that is reflecting more light than ever.

Causing to balloon the inside temperature, you either need a soft-looking colored tent or better place it under the shade to avoid storing the heat.

Go for light, bright, and soft colors during the summer if your motive is to keep the inside cool. For that, we recommend the total white that possibly reflects all the sun waves.

And you can opt for the fast and dark colors for winter camping to be able to store the heat when exposed to the sunlight.

For winter camping, we urge you to use a whole-black-colored tent if possible as black is the color that absorbs all the light and energy that would produce heat within the tent.

Other than black, go for blue, orange, red, green, violet, and indigo as they absorb most of the heat to keep you warm during the daytime (when the sun is shining.)

I have a perfect tent but do not like its color

We understand that. Sometimes, we have the best in our hands but do not like its color.

Luckily with the tent, we can change its color all by ourselves.

Putting a fabric exactly sizing to the exterior of your tent to satisfy your inner mind. And put the adhesive (removable) tape on the edges of the fabric to keep it intact.

Though it is a temporary workaround, be mindful to use it occasionally and do not take it as a permanent solution.

The better is to purchase another tent if you do not like its color (though the new one may skip some features from the one you already have.)

Wanting to wake up late at camping

Sightseeing and getting your body super tired where you do not want to wake up early in the morning.

Out in nature and camping right under the open sky, there is no way to block the sun from popping up in the morning.

All you can do is to get a tent that contains a dark color (black is the best) that easily blocks the sunlight.

But beware of the fact, the sunrise during the hot and summery months may create a lot of hassles for you because the moment the sun pops out, it would be causing the hot blazing waves coming down on the earth causing the increased heat building inside the tent.

This way, you can only sleep not for long when the sun is all out and about to roll.


And here we finally come to a conclusion proving does the color of your tent matter.

The colors always do without a doubt. Be it the clothing we wear especially in the summer. The paint is done on the outer walls of the home, and of course, the tent as well when we are meant to use it in the hot summery months and under the open sky.

Rather than cursing on your selection, better invest the time to decide which color of the tent would work on a scorching day to avoid building the heat.

It is no fun finding shelter all day long at the campsite, but you should get yourself a soft color tent that best reflects the sun waves to enjoy the incredible surrounded view and freshen up your mind and soul!