How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent (All You Need To Know)|CampingWorld

Keen on growing the off-season plants when the sheer icy weather takes a toll on the small and tiny plants where it makes them impossible to grow naturally?

To deal with this certain situation, the grow tent then comes to your rescue giving you the ultimate power to grow such plants indoors despite the weather condition.

If you know the tit and bit of the plants requiring the humidity levels, and other such measurements to help grow it as nature does; you are the best contender to use the grow tent without seeking much assistance.

Out of many involved measurements, the humidity is the first that needs to be maintained all the time.

For that, we bring you this exclusive guide revealing the best possible practices for how to increase humidity in grow tent for the plants to stay fresh and blooming.

What is the Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a basic and compact tent used only for growing plants indoors. It commonly includes the lights, carbon filters, and fans at most.

Laminated with reflective paper from the inside helps to prevent the warmth which may impact the growth of plants.

Most of the grow tents are airtight, waterproof, and lightproof providing you with the optimal growth experience.

Why Use a Grow Tent?

The list of reasons to use a grow tent for.

  • You can grow anything all year round.
  • It can fit almost anywhere due to its vertical shape.
  • No fear of pests getting in.
  • Easy to let the clean air pass around.
  • Grow vegetables or plants; whichever thing you want.
  • Changeable lights.
  • Easy to set up.

Signs the Plants Depriving of the Humidity

Before actually moving to the core of the topic, what are the signs that tell your plants require the humidity levels to increase in a grow tent?

And the signs are quite simple to look at;

  • Leaves are curling and looking extremely dry.
  • Plants take forever to grow.
  • Leaves burning.
  • Moulds build over the leaves.

4 Proven Ways Revealing How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent

It is easy to increase and stabilize the humidity inside a grow tent if you follow the following;

1- Using a Humidifier

The first and foreseeable step is to install a humidifier inside a grow tent. For added convenience, this is quite the easiest step to take on.

For quickly elevating the humidity levels, there is no alternative than a humidifier that takes the level to 50 to 60 percent in no time.

Remember it sprays the mist in order to produce humidity, so, it is advised to place the humidifier on the bottom shelf to avoid sprinkling the mist directly on the plants.

Look for such a humidifier that comes with the built-in humidistat that shuts it off automatically when it reaches the desired moisture levels to converse the machine and keep the humidity balanced.

2- Spray up Water

Another natural humidity producer is, of course, the water.

Get a spray bottle filled with water and spray it occasionally but not directly on the plants. Rather, spray the water on the walls of the grow tent in the morning and evening.

3- Swamp Cooler

The higher temperature outside may put an impact inside as well leaving no way to generate the humidity in a natural way.

To deal with this highly dry weather condition, the swamp cooler looks to be an effective solution.

Be mindful of using a swamp cooler; use it only and only when the dry weather’s spell continues causing vehemently the lowest humidity level. Do not try running it when the humidity levels are balanced and/or high.

4- Air Conditioner

Raising a water/wetness level inside a grow tent might be doable by practising the common methods, but how to effectively deal with the increased temperature is no less than a challenge to bear.

Temperature regulation; when the air is too hot, it lowers the amount of water vapour in the air reducing the moisture level and triggering dryness.

So, run the air conditioner for some time to retain the humidity level, and it works great to curtail the increased humidity.

It is easy to increase the humidity but lowering it can be the trickiest job where we find running the air conditioner a good option.


The off-seasoning plantation requires better preparation to adapt. After the right level of watering that is important to deal with the humidity in order to sustain the natural growth rate of whatever you planted.

It is not the growth that you just need but the real-alike humidity using natural and artificial ways.

Since we have covered over four proven ways telling you the methods as to how to increase humidity in grow tent; these are easy to adapt and witness the natural growth rate of the plants, and vegetables.


How do I raise the humidity in my plant grow tent?

One way to raise the humidity in your grow tent is to use a humidifier. You can also try using a bowl of water or a misting system.

Can you put a humidifier in grow tent?

Yes, you can put a humidifier in your grow tent.

My humidity is too low in my grow tent, what can I do?

Try using a humidifier, a bowl of water, or misting system to increase the humidity in your grow tent.

How do I lower the humidity in my grow tent?

You can try using a dehumidifier, fan, or air conditioner to lower the humidity in your grow tent.

Can I use a fan to lower the humidity in my grow tent?

Yes, you can use a fan to help lower the humidity in your grow tent.