How To keep Spider Out of Tent? | CampingWorld

Do you get freaked out when a spider crawls up your leg? Yeah, me too. I’m not sure what it is about spiders, but they seem to have this power of creeping people out. Spiders are pretty scary for many people, and camping is no exception. You can’t control what you come across in the wilderness so it’s best to be prepared!

If you’re like me, then spiders are one of the most terrifying things on earth. I can’t think of anything worse than waking up in a tent and having a spider crawl over my face or down my leg- it doesn’t even matter how big they are!

The only good thing about camping is that there are usually not as many creepy crawlers outside your tent as there would be in your house. But just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that these eight-legged pests will leave you alone!

I know what some people say: “Don’t bring any food into the tent.” But if I’m hungry enough to eat something while camping, then I might as well just eat all the food I have with me!

But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for How To keep Spider Out of Tent and cabin so you can sleep in peace with no creepy crawlies! 

Floor Cleaning

Clean the floor by sweeping it and removing any webs that may be there. This will help remove some hiding spots for those creepy crawlers! Also make sure you shake off all the clothing items before putting them away so they don’t become spider hotbeds in storage

If you’re being sneaky about this step, then spread diatomaceous earth on the ground where bugs might hide and crawl around later…this is also great at keeping ants away naturally too 🙂

Spray Outside

Spray surfaces outside such as trees or logs near your campground with mosquito spray or empty a can of peppermint oil into the air for a few minutes. This will help to keep spiders from coming over in the first place!

Sealed Your Food

Keep food sealed up tight, preferably with an airtight lid or canister so they don’t find their way inside. Spiders are attracted to sugary things and other yummy goodies like a BBQ sauce that might linger around your campsite…which is not very appetizing at all.

Also, make sure you clean out any leftover messes on dishes as quickly as possible before taking them into your tent – this will also reduce spider sightings by limiting the number of bugs drawn near your campground space .

Keep the Campsite Clean

Keep your campsite as clean as possible by sweeping up any crumbs, food scraps or other debris that might hide in places like under a picnic table.

Keep dirty clothes/pots outside

Look for spiders before bringing anything into the tent such as clothes from outside or dirty pots and pans to wash so they don’t get inside with you.

it’s important to take these precautions! You won’t have to worry about them sneaking in through tiny cracks if you make sure there aren’t any openings around your door flap.

Insect Spray

Carry an insect repellent spray bottle with you at all times while camping (or even when staying at home!) just in case one does sneak past all of your defenses! For an instant, try spraying yourself with a plant based oil like lavender.

Nets or Zippered Tent

Bring plenty of bug nets or zippered tents to cover your bed and any other areas you want them taken care of while in the wilderness – if there’s one thing that’ll keep spiders away it’s these simple solutions!


We hope these tips will help you get a better night’s sleep when camping. If not, don’t forget to bring your bug spray! Until next time, happy camping and good luck with those spiders!