How to Keep Your Dog Warm While Camping | CampingWorld

Dog owners want to provide their pets with the best care possible, which is why many people are considering bringing their pets on camping trips.

However, it’s difficult to know how to keep your dog warm while camping and what warning signs indicate your dog is too cold.

In this article, we will explore different ways you can keep your dogs warm while outdoors and also discuss some of the warning signs that mean they need more heat!

How to Keep Your Dog Warm While Camping

A Good Ol’ Cuddle:

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your dog warm is by giving them a hug! Dogs are very social animals, so they love being around their human friends.

By wrapping your arms tightly around him or her for a few minutes you will help increase body heat in both yourself and your pet.

Dog Sleeping Bags:

Another good way to ensure that your dog stays warm while camping is by using sleeping bags specially designed for pets.

These come with an outer shell made of water-resistant material as well as built-in warmth pockets throughout the bag which can be warmed up before bedtime and left on all night long without overheating either party too much.

They make it easier than ever, and safer, to keep your pet warm while sleeping outside.

Pack Hot Water Bottle:

Similar to using a hot water bottle for yourself when camping in colder temperatures, it is very important that you do the same with your pup!

By placing one inside of their favourite blanket or bedding they will be able to stay warmer during the night without freezing

Get His Coat:

When going on an outdoor excursion make sure that your dog has sufficient protection against the elements.

This might mean getting them a coat made from neoprene which can be worn throughout all four seasons. These are waterproof and windproof so if your dog gets into any trouble at all he will always have a barrier between him and his surroundings.

Bring Your Dogs Own Blanket:

It might not seem like it makes much of a difference, but bringing your dog’s own blanket is going to make all the difference in their world.

You can either bring one that you’ve had for years and has sentimental value or buy them a new brankie

A Little More Food Will Help:

The last thing that you want when camping with a pup is for him to be hungry.

Make sure they have enough food so he doesn’t go into starvation mode which will only lead to trouble!

What Are The Warning Signs That Mean Your Dog Is Too Cold?

We mentioned earlier how important it is to monitor your dog’s temperature levels while out camping with them.

One of the warning signs that means your dog is too cold is when they are shaking uncontrollably and refuse to get up from resting.

It may also be a sign if he’s lethargic, has trouble walking or keeps trying to go back inside. If you notice any of these symptoms, then take action!


If you are considering bringing your dog on camping trips this summer, keep in mind that their needs may differ from yours. They need a space to sleep and they need warmth! It’s difficult to know how to find the right gear for them or what warning signs show that they’re too cold.

In this article we have discussed some ways dogs get warm outdoors plus some tips on keeping an eye out for early warning signs like shivering or hiding under blankets.

Don’t forget about your furry friend’s next time you go camping – read our article today so you can take care of them properly!