How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack | CampingWorld

It is easy to unfold the tent and setup, then fold it and pack it inside a backpack.

And if you have been wondering solely for the enhanced knowledge base of how to pack a tent in a backpack, we got it ready just for you.

We take it as the ever time-consuming task to pack a tent rather than unpacking it. Though the tents are usually heavier, why stuff the entire backpack only with the tent when you do not need to run out of space, especially when you are alone?

Do not want to sacrifice your valuables for the sake of a tent? Stay with us!

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack

First off, you first need a backpack that is capable enough to hold a tent as well as other essentials you would require during camping.

The size matters, not only of the tent but the backpack as well so that you do not fill the entire backpack with it.

The way you pack, it all goes to your level of experience portraying your intelligence.

Selecting a Backpack

Fast forward, do not opt for picking up the tent first and then heading to get a backpack.

Selecting a backpack could be a tedious job until and unless you do know about the exact use of a backpack.

To simplify this task, we go with the following;

Jot down all your necessities and essentials that you need along.

If you know the possible sizes of each and everything, that would be the best to lock on the backpack that fits almost everything for you.

To last the life of a backpack; do not over-stuff and over-burden it. With that you may end up breaking the handles, tearing the straps, and kinda making the backpack look baggy.

In the summary, that is not a good way to treat a backpack at all.

Prepping up the Tent to Pack in a Backpack

That is the entire process of revealing how to pack a tent in a backpack.

  1. Poles: Take the tent poles and put them in the bag (not the backpack but the bag that came at the time of purchase.)
  2. Lay the tent flat on the ground and under the sunshine to remove all the dampness.
  3. Leave the bag carrying the poles at the bottom of the laid-on tent.
  4. Roll the tent having the poles at its bottom and roll it to the smallest possible size with keeping everything aligned.
  5. Do not roll in a wheeled shape as it would make a mess when inserted into a backpack. Roll in W-form, be it aligned from all four corners and lay the waves accurately and over. If you have the exact calculation of how the backpack’s bottom sizes, that would do the job super easier by not caressing and pushing the corners when lowering it at the bottom of the backpack.
  6. Try best to keep every wave as tightened as possible as it would help to converse more space out of the backpack.
  7. If the tent comes with another bag, get it rolled up and pack into that bag, and then to the backpack. With that, it keeps the tent together without entangling other stuff.
  8. Do not store any sharp objects on the surface of the tent (when rolled up) to avoid causing any damage.


Hold steady, and always take experts’ advice because the tent is always heavy, always bigger.

Learn how to pack a tent in a backpack in an entirely professional way especially when you are short with the campers.

Do try to keep everything inside a backpack (along with the tent) to avoid handling the unnecessary weight on your shoulder, and occupying one of your hands.

Because, the more stuff you keep outside the backpack, the would ruin the entire fun of camping and sightseeing.