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You camp in the wet season, and do not want the mould to ever build; that is inevitable.

Well, yes, it is unforeseen especially when the camping elements are all wet but once it shrivels, do not get surprised seeing the mould.

The camping mattress cannot be used all the time, and when it does, you do not need to have the mould built up around it.

Since the mould is super harmful to the mattress, the camping mattress should not be left and packed with the existence of mould at any cost as it would destroy it as well as slip the mould towards other objects if packed without properly treating it.

So, expecting the correct ways to deal with how to remove mould from camping mattress, you have landed in the right place!

How the Mould Build up on Camping Mattress

First thing first, how come this stupid thing builds upon the camping mattress.

We first know the reasons for building then moving to the next step to remove it off from the camping mattress for the sake of a curious mind!

High humidity: The humidity invites the bacteria. Try everything to reduce the level of humidity.

However, it is impossible to reduce it when out in the open area, there are ways to deal with it and have the camping mattress maintained all the time to remove the presence of mould.

How to Keep Camping Mattress from Getting Mouldy

However, there we have some practical ways that can help you to reduce the chances of getting the camping mattress away from mould.

  • Keep a tab on humidity level using the Humidity Meter.
  • Do not use the mattress for long. Use one for one entire season, and get new for the next camping season.
  • Do not think to buy a memory foam mattress at all costs.
  • Layover a breathable mattress cover.
  • Keep the sunlight coming in.
  • Do not spill the water on top of the mattress.
  • Let the airflow circulate and underside the mattress.
  • If there are spills, dry the mattress up immediately.

Repeat these steps to ensure your camping mattress lasts more than the expectation to always provide you with the best results.

How to Remove Mould from Camping Mattress

Let’s get into the practical methods to remove the mould easily from the camping mattress.

Use them, and do not ever run into panicking whenever you see the mould the next time.

General Cleaning Tips for Camping Mattress

It is wise to go through the general and routine cleaning for the sake of keeping the camping mattress spotless.

This general cleanup involves the pre-mold building phase. If you do spot the mold building up, let’s not wait anymore to go deep cleaning the mattress (which we would unfold a little later.)

Stains? Use water with soap

If you spot the stains, get the water mixed with soap, dip the napkin, and scrub the mattress where you see the stains.

Clean off dust using the pump

Buy off the detergent from a local store that is mattress-friendly. Do not opt for something harsh that may ruin the surface.

For an effective and valid series of practice, fill the spray bottle with a mix of water, and a few drops of mattress-friendly detergent applied on the spotty areas.

Once sprayed, rub it gently with the cloth, and then leave it under the sun and fresh air to dry naturally.

Extremely Effective Tips to Remove the Mould

Now comes the turn of removing the mould with the proven and effective tips you can apply to converse the mattress to live a little longer than expected.

Sun is the killer of mould

Believe it or not, but the sun is the avid killer of everything — including mould.

When the moisture is too high, there is no other solution than to leave it under the sunlight to ensure the moisture runs out itself without taking further steps.

The natural and easier way to kill the bacterial and other harmful insects and creatures that slip inside the camping mattress, get the sun to treat itself!

Do it before moving to the next phase of deep cleaning the mattress.

Vinegar with water

An effective home remedy, the application of vinegar with a mix of water that easily removes the marks of stain, the source of mould, and the bad odor all at once.

Take the proportional amount of vinegar and water; for say 1 cup of both, and a piece of sponge.

Then soak the sponge into the mixture and rub it all around the mattress to achieve the indistinguishable result.

After that, dip the cloth in water and rinse it on the surface to clean the residues of the vinegar. And then, leave it preferably under the sunlight or the fresh air to dry it.

Isopropyl alcohol with water

Last but not the least, the mix of isopropyl alcohol with water makes the perfect solvent to effectively deal with the mold and the bad odor.

For that, you need to add isopropyl alcohol into the warm water (we repeat, a bucket of warm water.)

Then, dip the sponge into the solvent and gently rub it over the mattress.

Once you are done, rinse the mattress again with fresh and warm water and leave it for drying before using it.


The camping mattress should at least last for one season. But treating it with the extra-cautious maintenance steps can go on and on for years without ruining it.

The mould does not impact the performance of the mattress instantly but by the time, the comfort and stiffness will start to deplete if the mould is not treated with proper methods.

Once the mould starts to grow, our mentioned steps would only be able to treat the growing presence and would not be able to recover the damage done to the mattress.
So, go without the steps mentioned and never ask anyone how to remove mould from camping mattress at all!

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